Why is there Ice on My Air Conditioner in Purvis, MS? How Do I Repair & Stop a Future Frozen AC Problem?

If you discover that your air conditioner has ice building up on it, you have a problem with your cooling system. An air conditioner shouldn’t have ice on it, especially during the spring or summer months. If you discover your air conditioner is developing ice, you will need to determine why this is happening. Ice will develop for a few different reasons. Some of these problems can be corrected by you, while other problems will need an HVAC service. Steve’s Heating & Air will share why an air conditioner has ice and what needs to be done to repair your cooling system.

Low AC Refrigerant

Ice will develop when there isn’t enough refrigerant. The only reason why an air conditioner will be low on refrigerant is if a leak has developed. If you have low refrigerant, ice will usually form on the evaporator coils which makes diagnosing a refrigerant leak easier. Only an HVAC technician can repair a refrigerant leak and recharge your air conditioner with refrigerant. If you see ice on your evaporator coil, contact an HVAC service.

Dirty Evaporator Coil

Ice can form when the evaporator coils become dirty. Once the air flows through, the dirty evaporator coil becomes restricted. At this point the cold air lingers and freezes the air conditioner. The evaporator coil will need to be cleaned, not just to get rid of the ice but to prevent more severe damage to your air conditioner. The coils should be cleaned yearly. As long as you seek annual tune-ups, your evaporator coils will be kept clean.

Mechanical Air Conditioning Problems

The air conditioner can develop some minor mechanical problems that can lead to the development of ice. Some of the common mechanical problems can be a kinked refrigerant line, blocked drain, damaged fan, broken valves, or even damaged electrical wiring. An HVAC technician will need to inspect the air conditioner to rule out potential mechanical problems or tend to the repairs.

Restricted Air Flow

If there is an air flow restriction anywhere in the cooling system, the restriction can lead to ice forming on your air conditioner. Check these areas to determine if they are the cause of the air flow restriction.
• Closed Air Vents
• Dirty Air Filters
• Debris Around the Outdoor Unit
Some of these problems you can fix yourself, however, there may be collapsed, broken or leaking air ducts that will need to be repaired by an HVAC technician.

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When your air conditioner develops ice, your first step is to turn off the air conditioner and allow the ice to completely melt. Next, check for basic air flow restrictions such as dirty air filters, closed air vents or you may need to clean up around the outdoor unit. If your ice issue continues, seek out a professional HVAC service to determine why your air conditioner is developing ice. Most ice related problems can be avoided with annual maintenance. If you haven’t had your air conditioner tuned-up yet, considering getting it done to avoid cooling problems this summer season. For quality air conditioning and heating services, contact Steve’s Heating & Air and schedule our services today.

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