How Do You Keep the House Cool when Air Conditioner is Broken & You are Waiting for an AC Fix in Hattiesburg, MS?

Have you ever experienced coming home from work and your house is warm? You run over and look at the thermostat and it is a lot higher than you have set the temperature to. You feel the air that is coming out of the vents and it is warm. What do you do? Steve’s Heating & Air wants to help you know what NOT to do when your AC breaks down. Following these few tips will help you keep your house cool while waiting for AC repairs.

Don’t Ignore AC & Tell Yourself You are Giving it a Break!

When your AC isn’t working properly this isn’t something that you want to ignore. Ignoring it won’t do anything. The AC won’t magically get fixed on its own and it could be causing more problems to your AC by running it with something wrong. In addition, do you really want to live in a home where your AC isn’t working and your house is getting hot? If there is a problem with your AC you need to get it fixed.

Avoid Running AC when it isn’t Cooling

When your AC isn’t working properly, such as it is blowing warm air you do not want to let it keep running. We know you don’t want to turn the AC off in the summer. But if you continue to run your AC when something is malfunctioning, it can just make it worse and result in more extensive damage. There could be something that is loose, the condenser might not be working properly, or even an electrical issue could be happening.

Call an AC Contractor for Emergency Repair Service

The best thing you can do if your AC stops working is call a professional. Don’t try and fix it on your own. If you do not know what you are doing it can be dangerous to mess with it. Plus, you could end up causing more harm than good. You can change the filters, sometimes that is the problem, but other than that leave it to a professional.

Keep Windows, Doors, Blinds, Curtains & Fridge Closed when AC is Broken

When your AC is not working the best thing you can do is keep the windows closed. If it is a hot day outside it will just make your house worse. You may think that your refrigerator can help cool your house down when the AC isn’t working. Don’t make that mistake. Opening the fridge will just make the fridge work harder and it ultimately won’t have any meaningful impact on cooling down your house. In addition, don’t run your appliances such as oven, stove, washer, dryer, or dishwasher. These will all add more heat to your already overheating home.

Leave the House Until AC Can Be Repaired

If your house is getting too hot then don’t stay home. The best thing you can do is go somewhere where it is cool so you do not get too hot in a home that does not have AC. You can always come back when a professional shows up.

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If your AC is blowing warm air or no air then you need to call a professional like Steve’s Heating & Air to come to take a look at your AC. We will identify and fix the problem so you can get back into your home living your life.

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