Signs You Need an Air Conditioner Repair in Dixie, MS; Insufficient Cooling, Short Cycling AC Unit & More

When you need your cooling system the most, air conditioning problems tend to strike at the worst time. Before the worst of the summer heat hits, you will want your unit to be in the best possible working order. Just because the air conditioning runs, it doesn’t mean it’s running efficiently. Some AC problems aren’t as obvious as a system that won’t turn on. Keep in mind, even small problems can escalate into more significant issues. Today, we at Steve’s Heating & Air would like to share some signs the air conditioner needs repair.

How Do I Know if My Home AC is Broken?

1) Insufficient Cooling. You may have problems with your home’s ductwork, the air conditioner’s blower fan, a clogged air filter, or another problem if your air conditioner isn’t keeping up with your cooling needs. When you aren’t getting enough cool air, no matter the source, it’s clear that your air conditioning isn’t working efficiently.
2) Frozen Evaporator Coils. The refrigerant in the system to over-cool things happens when the heat transfer process is hindered. As a result, ice or condensation on the internal components of your system is a sign that something is wrong. Also, water under the unit or an overflowing drain pan is something you may notice. Refrigerant leaks, weak airflow, or dirty coils are the common causes of frozen coils.
3) Short Cycling Air Conditioner. Your air conditioner should run on relatively uniform cooling cycles even on the hottest days. It may have a clogged air filter, a leaky ventilation system, or even a mis-calibrated thermostat if you notice it cycling on and off more than usual, or more rapidly. It may also be the wrong sized unit for your home. It is essential to take care of it right away as short cycling can cause other problems.
4) High Energy Bills. Being a sign that it’s no longer as efficient as it should be if your energy bills increase more than expected when you use your air conditioner. With the ductwork or thermostat, there may be a problem. It may be nearing the end of its serviceable lifespan if it is an older unit.
5) Abnormal AC Noises. The gentle whoosh of cool air moving through your vents is the only sound you want to hear from your air conditioner. An indication that something is not right is noticing other noises such as rattling, screeching, hissing, or banging. The indoor unit from a fan belt or the condensate drain, or even the ductwork, and in the outdoor unit from a fan or electrical problem can be where these unwelcomed sounds could originate from.

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Do not hesitate to call us if in the event your air conditioning is making odd noises, working too hard, or just not working right. Leading to additional damage and running up your bills can come from a small air conditioning problem can escalate quickly. To diagnose and repair even the most complex issues in Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas, you need air conditioning service. Steve’s Heating & Air expert technicians have the tools, training, and skills to ensure the AC repairs are done efficiently.

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