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What Does AC in Inspection Mean in Hattiesburg, MS? Cleaning, Testing & Other HVAC System Checks

While enduring the heat of the summer, it is important to most people to have a sanctuary they can be comfortable in. Homeowners need to invest in routine HVAC maintenance services in order to maintain these comforts in their home and protect their cooling system. It is strongly recommended that you get the air conditioner…

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How Do I Know if My AC Evaporator Coil is Running Properly or Needs Emergency A/C Repair in Sumrall, MS

When you sit to read up on your air conditioner, you are likely to come across words that sound like something out a science or physics manual. One of those odd terms that surfaces very frequently is the evaporator coil. Since many search engines will provide a wide spectrum of information concerning the evaporator coil,…

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What are the Signs of a Bad AC Compressor in Lumberton, MS? Leaking Refrigerant, Weak Air Flow & More

The air conditioner’s compressor is one of the harder working components in the cooling system. The compressor will compress the gaseous refrigerant and increase the refrigerant temperature which will change the refrigerant from a gas back into a liquid. Without the circulation cycle of refrigerant, your air conditioner will not be able to create cool…

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Do Old AC Units Cost More in Repairs & Electricity in Petal, MS? Can You Get Sick from an Old Air Conditioner & More

Air conditioning systems are an important element in most homes across the globe but is necessary when living in California. We need these devices to ensure the inside of our homes are cool and comfortable while enduring summer heat and humidity. A good quality air conditioner can last for 20 years or more when it…

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Why Does My AC Make Weird Sounds in Dixie, MS? Knocking Noise Could Be Loose Component & More

Most people grow accustomed to the various noises their home makes, including when the air conditioning is functioning. Generally, a dull hum and the occasional clicking sound is all you hear. There are some sounds you should not hear, and they indicate that there is something wrong that needs your immediate attention. There are a…

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Why is there Ice on My Air Conditioner in Purvis, MS? How Do I Repair & Stop a Future Frozen AC Problem?

If you discover that your air conditioner has ice building up on it, you have a problem with your cooling system. An air conditioner shouldn’t have ice on it, especially during the spring or summer months. If you discover your air conditioner is developing ice, you will need to determine why this is happening. Ice…

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