Furnace Inspection

You rely on your furnace to keep your loved ones and home comfortably warm when the nights get chilly here in the Greater Pine Belt area of Mississippi. This is just one of the reasons why an annual furnace inspection from a knowledgeable HVAC professional is so important. But it’s not the only one. A professional furnace inspection is part of routine maintenance to ensure your furnace operates efficiently. This lowers your annual heating costs and reduces fuel and energy waste. An inspection can also help extend the life of your furnace catching minor problems early to prevent unnecessary major damage to vital system components. Safety issues such as the risk of fire, dangers posed by unhealthy gas fumes, and lethal carbon monoxide leaks can also be minimized with a professional inspection.

Furnace Inspection Checklist

During a routine furnace inspection, Steve’s Heating & Air completes the following tasks:
– Check the vent system for leaks or blockages.
– Examine the heat exchanger for signs of corrosion, cracks and separations.
– Check the blower and clean its components.
– Test for a tight seal on the blower access door.
– Check air intake grills for blockages.
– Perform an amp-draw test on the blower motor and comparing the results to the unit’s listed specifications.
– Check the burner for proper ignition and testing the flame sensor for accurate operation.
– Lubricate all the motor’s moving parts to reduce friction.
– Check that all electrical connections are tight and examine the wiring for signs of rust and corrosion.
– Test the thermostat calibration.
– Examine the flue for obstructions.
– Test for the unit’s safety controls.
– Check the belts for signs of wear or cracks.
– Test that the system’s startup cycle is functioning correctly.
– Check the furnace’s air filter.

Depending on whether you have an oil or gas furnace, Steve’s Heating & Air may also perform the following tasks:
– Examine the thermocouple and replace it if necessary.
– Analyze the combustion gases and compare the results to your furnace’s specifications.
– Check that the pilot or electronic ignition is functioning properly.
– Test the burner is operating correctly and clean it if necessary.
– Check the fuel lines for leaks that could pose a fire hazard or allow harmful fumes to escape.
– Test the manifold gas pressure to ensure that the correct amount of fuel is reaching the burners.

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