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DIY AC Repair VS Hiring a Professional Air Conditioning Technician in Purvis, MS

Your HVAC system can malfunction unexpectedly, leaving you out in the cold during winter or overheating in the summer. With so many DIY videos online, you might be tempted to perform the repairs yourself. After all, DIY projects are usually more cost-effective, easy, and convenient, at least from the internet’s perspective. The reality is that…

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Central Air Conditioner Parts & Functions in Columbia, MS; Repair or Replace AC Fans & More

Air conditioning is a vital component of modern buildings, as it helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and humidity level. While there are different types of AC systems, they all have similar components that enable them to function efficiently. With this in mind, we at Steve’s Heating & Air would like to share the common…

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Common Air Conditioner Problems in Hattiesburg, MS; Refrigerant Leak, Frozen Coils & More

Air conditioners are essential appliances that provide cool air and maintain a comfortable temperature in homes and buildings. However, like any other machine, they can develop problems and require repairs. With this in mind, we at Steve’s Heating & Air will discuss some common air conditioner repairs and how to fix them. What Could Be…

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What Does AC in Inspection Mean in Hattiesburg, MS? Cleaning, Testing & Other HVAC System Checks

While enduring the heat of the summer, it is important to most people to have a sanctuary they can be comfortable in. Homeowners need to invest in routine HVAC maintenance services in order to maintain these comforts in their home and protect their cooling system. It is strongly recommended that you get the air conditioner…

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