Central Air Conditioning Installation for New Construction

Locally owned and operated in Pine Belt, Mississippi area, Steve’s Heating & Air is a full service HVAC system provider, catering to both commercial businesses and residential homes. We are fully licensed, insured and certified to perform all aspects of our trade. With Steve’s Heating & Air technicians being expertly trained, possessing years of experience, and having extraordinary skills, we perform all services with superior execution all the while upholding to our high moral standards and friendly customer service.

Central Air Conditioner Installation Guide

Steve’s Heating & Air diligently installs air conditioning units for newly constructed homes and businesses. Our experts are fast and efficient at installing air conditioning units to the new homes or business spaces throughout Pine Belt, Mississippi and surrounding areas. With the use of our high-end quality equipment, tools, and products, in conjunction with our expertise in simple HVAC systems as well as complex HVAC systems, we can assure to you the air conditioners are installed accordingly.

Indoor Comfort Heating & Cooling

Did you know the best and least expensive time to put in a superior indoor comfort system is during the construction of a new home or business? During initial construction, it is easier and less expensive to install proper air ducting and even a zoned system. Zoning is where different sections or rooms of the home are heated and cooled independently which is a great way to ensure indoor comfort by providing the right temperature where you want it; without paying to heat or cool areas that don’t need it. In addition, a zoned system can save you money by reducing the load on the system. Steve’s Heating & Air can consult with you, inspect the property and make recommendations before you lay out money for an expensive HVAC system to ensure you get the system that best meets your needs.

Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning Installation for New Construction in Purvis, Petal & Hattiesburg MS & Pine Belt, Mississippi

If you are in need of professionals to install air conditioning units for your newly constructed residential homes and/or commercial buildings in Pine Belt, Mississippi, Steve’s Heating & Air is the leader in field and can fulfill your requests quickly and sufficiently. Contact us for all your air conditioning and heating needs!

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