Commercial Kitchen Food Cooking Equipment & Refrigeration Repair

Whether you operate a restaurant, cafeteria, bar or catering service, if your business serves food then your food equipment is critical. One failed cooktop, refrigerator or other unit can knock out your menu and your ability to serve customers. Even a partial failure or diminished performance can raise energy costs, slow down the line, or prevent you from making key menu items.
When your essential commercial kitchen equipment breaks down, your food service business will be unable to operate at full capacity, which can hit your profits hard. And faulty equipment often means longer wait times for your customers, which can lead to bad reviews and a reputation that damages your brand long after the problem has been fixed.
Let the professionals at Steve’s Heating & Air get your restaurant equipment in top working order; so you can focus on your customers.

Refrigeration Equipment Repair

From maintaining food temperatures to chilling beverages, it’s critical to keep commercial refrigeration equipment running at peak performance. The technicians at Steve’s Heating & Air are trained and equipped to deliver commercial refrigeration repair of walk-in coolers and freezers, reach-in coolers, ice makers, meat cases, beverage coolers and more. Our refrigeration repair team is here to minimize equipment downtime and protect your investment.

Oven & Cooktop Range Repair

Commercial ovens, stoves, and ranges are the most widely used appliance in the food service industry. Keeping them in good working condition is essential to the success of your business, as well as to the health, safety, and happiness of your customers. No matter whether your oven temperature is not hot enough, your oven is over or under heating, your oven doesn’t cook food evenly, the pilot light won’t stay lit or you are dealing with another problem; trust the experts at Steve’s Heating & Air to diagnose and repair your commercial cooktop, oven or range efficiently and professionally. The longer any piece of your commercial kitchen equipment is out of commission, the more it could cost you in lost business!

Commercial Kitchen Food Cooking Equipment & Refrigeration Repair & More in Sumrall, Purvis, Oak Grove, Dixie, Richton, Barrontown, Columbia, Baxterville, Lumberton, Petal & Hattiesburg MS & Pine Belt, Mississippi

Commercial food equipment is one of the biggest investments that any restaurant or other food service business makes. It also wears out. Whether it’s normal wear and tear, performance loss over time, or a sudden outage, any interruption to your equipment is an interruption to your business; and it can happen at the height of a dinner rush. For a commercial kitchen this kind of disruption is unacceptable. Steve’s Heating & Air helps you get control of your equipment. Call us for range and refrigeration repairs today!

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