Why Does My Air Conditioner Create So Much Water in Dixie, MS? Clogged AC Drain Line, Ice on Coils & More

As many people likely noticed, below the air conditioning unit, is a small collection of water. Leaks can be caused under various circumstances; however, the air conditioner does produce water during normal function, and as it does it has a process to expel the water. During the cooling process, the air conditioner produces this moisture. The majority of it is released and flushed away though some of the water is used to assist in the process. We at Steve’s Heating and Air would like to address the little bit of condensation that evolves from the air conditioner and the potential leaks that can occur.

Does AC Put Moisture in the Air?

To combat the summer temperatures and the higher humidity levels, air conditioners are used, which is the amount of water in the air. As the air conditioners removes excess moisture and heat from the air, the indoor air is made more comfortable.

Why Does Water Drain from Air Conditioner?

The air is cooled by the air conditioner with the help of refrigeration. The condensers inside the unit are connected with two sets of coils, one set kept hot and the other cool. The coils are cooled as the chemicals inside the coils evaporate and condense on a continuous cycle. The air blowing over them is cool and the cooled coils are able to force the moisture from the air as the air condenses on the coils. The water will re-evaporate, and the excess water is drained out of the unit to help maintain the cool coils. When the air conditioner produces the water, you can have the confidence the air conditioner is working properly. The air conditioner is likely to have an issue when water runs into areas not intended, freezes on the coils or water is absent altogether.

What Causes an AC Unit to Leak Water?

Leaks in the air conditioner. In the event the extra water is not flowing through the designated drain line, you have a leak or other issue listed below.
Clogged AC Drain Line – If the drain line is clogged and the water continues to collect, leaks and other water damaging issues can develop. You will need to clean the drain line or contact a pro for assistance when you suspect a clog to ensure efficient performance.
Ice on AC Coils. When ice forms over the coils, a significant impact to the air conditioner’s performance. It can happen for quite a few reasons and ice or frozen coils is never good. While you wait, take this opportunity to check the filters and replace them if they filled to capacity, flip off the unit until the ice melts. Clean them if you believe there is a plug and inspect the drain line and ensure there are no clogs. If they refreeze, turn the unit on again and monitor the coils call for professional assistance.

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When the air conditioner is not working efficiently, your home can be uncomfortably warm. In the event your air conditioning system is not up to par and our certified technicians can make the repairs quickly and efficiently, contact Steve’s Heating & Air.

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