What Do You Do when Your AC Coils are Frozen & How Do You Unfreeze an Air Conditioner in Hattiesburg, MS?

During scorching summers with high humidity levels, air conditioners are truly an extraordinary appliance that assists occupants in many homes and businesses in the world stay comfortable indoors. Unfortunately, air conditioners can malfunction because of the moving parts and their continuous operation as the weather calls for it. You can significantly reduce the need for repairs with routine maintenance, tune-ups, and inspections performed by an expert from Steve’s Heating & Air. Especially depending on the quality of your unit, you may be experiencing technical difficulties from time to time despite your efforts. You don’t have to be without too long thanks to our air conditioner repair services. We at Steve’s Heating and Air would like to take the opportunity to explore why your outdoor air conditioning unit has frozen coils.

How Do AC Evaporator Coils Work?

Chances are you noticed your air conditioning is not operating at full efficiency and you stepped out to investigate the cause when you noticed your coils are frozen. As it is hindering the air conditioner’s operating function, having your coils frozen is never a good thing. Essential to the air conditioner are the evaporator coils. To absorb the air’s heat, the air handler blows return air over the coils, where inside the coils houses the refrigerant. The temperature of the return air is lowered, and the cool air is sent back to your home’s living spaces following treatment. Your air conditioner cools down your home in addition to dehumidifying it. When it is dehumidified, moisture is pulled out of the air. Dripping off of the evaporator coils, the moisture, or condensation, left behind builds up. Since the condensation drips into the drip pan and is flushed away, this event doesn’t normally cause any problems. If there is a problem, that condensation can freeze up and build a layer of ice on your evaporator coils, however.

What are the Common Causes of AC Evaporator Coils Freezing?

The most common sources of frozen evaporator coils include the following:
– Low levels of refrigerant: The refrigerant levels are often reduced due to a leak. The refrigerant lacks the ability to absorb heat from your home’s air without the proper refrigerant levels, causing the coils to freeze.
– Airflow problems: Due to a clogged air filter, air duct leaks, and/or blocked air registers generally cause proper airflow restriction. Your coils won’t have enough heat to absorb and will eventually freeze over should the return air blowing over your evaporator coils is inadequate.
– Dirty evaporator coils: Causing a disruption in the process, preventing the coils from absorbing heat from your home’s air is due to dirt building up on your evaporator coils, leading to coils freezing.

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First switch off the air conditioner from your thermostat if your coils are frozen. Your home is not cooling down and you should give the ice time thaw. Ensure there is no buildup or debris on the coils itself and the air filters are cleaned. Contact Steve’s Heating and Air and we will inspect the unit to discover and address the issue at hand if the coils continue to freeze after air filter changed and coils are cleaned, turn it off again.

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