Why Does My AC Make Weird Sounds in Dixie, MS? Knocking Noise Could Be Loose Component & More

Most people grow accustomed to the various noises their home makes, including when the air conditioning is functioning. Generally, a dull hum and the occasional clicking sound is all you hear. There are some sounds you should not hear, and they indicate that there is something wrong that needs your immediate attention. There are a few common air conditioner noises that spell bad news, and they are indicators you are in serious need of repairs. The usual culprit of the noise is also shared today and what the repairs are likely to be. It is important to never ignore the sounds, otherwise, you can be stuck in a hot home in the middle of summer. We at Steve’s Heating & Air would like to share these sounds that are pointing to a problem today.

AC Unit Making Banging or Knocking Sound

It typically means that some component inside the system is loose when you hear a banging noise. It can be any number of things from a loose component to a broken fan belt. Usually, a simple repair that only requires the part to be replaced, which is the good news. It could lead to more costly repairs down the road you let it linger, however.

Rattling Noises are Coming from AC Unit

There are also a few causes that results in rattling from the air conditioning unit. Rattling sounds can simply be a twig stuck inside the unit or a loose panel. Also, it can indicate that the fan is coming loose, and it will rattle when the unit is kicked one. An AC repairman can come out to find the loose screw or component and tighten things up for you, regardless of the cause. You shouldn’t hear any more rattling from the unit afterward.

How Do You Fix a Squealing Air Conditioner?

Usually, a sign there is an issue with your fan belt or the bearings on the fan motor if in the event you turn the unit on and you hear squealing. Not running the air conditioning until you get a technician so they can repair it is the best thing to do in this situation. It can cause things to get much worse by letting the unit run in this condition.

Why Does My AC Unit Make a Hissing Noise?

One sound you should never ignore is a hissing noise. Hissing noises often is due to a leak in the refrigerant lines, problems with your compressor, or a valve leak on the inside. You should immediately get on the line with an HVAC professional and they can get down to the bottom of it and get your AC unit back up and running in any case.

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If you are hearing any unusual sounds coming from the air conditioning system in your Pine Belt, MS home, call in the professionals of Steve’s Heating & Air and let us assist you.

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