HVAC Workmanship Warranty in Petal, MS; How Do I Register My AC Unit, Extended Warranties & More

Until after it is too late, most people don’t consider the HVAC warranty, generally. It is something you should really know and understand since the HVAC system is such a major investment. You can apply the necessities as you need to and knowing the fundamentals of your warranty can really be a lifesaver when you learn the basics and have it in the back of your mind.

HVAC Workmanship Warranty

As far as protection goes for your HVAC system, there are a few warranty levels that are different. Being a guarantee or a promise made to the customer, the manufacturer is stating that the equipment was made correctly and should function properly. The guarantee is usually implied and free of charge to consumers and are not always written out. Being between consumer and manufacturer, the manufacturer’s warranty is the legal agreement that states they will fix or replace a faulty part or product within a certain timeframe. When you contact the manufacturer to replace the parts of a newly installed HVAC system where the motor stopped working due to no one’s fault is an example of this. The manufacturer’s warranty is typically presented to you as a written contract or certificate at the time of installation. In the event something breaks down due to improper installation, the company will cover the cost. A labor warranty is something that the HVAC contractor may offer that ensures the system was installed correctly.

Are HVAC Extended Warranties Worth It?

To provide more protection and for a longer duration of time by either the manufacturer or HVAC contractor that installs the system, an extended warranty is frequently offered at additional cost. They can differ significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer. The better warranty can help consumers choose between the different manufacturers in some cases. When your new HVAC system is installed, including the specifics of length of protection and everything that is covered, your HVAC technician should walk you through all of the specifics of your warranty. You can ask all of your own questions during this time, however. Below are a few questions worth asking.
– If I should sell my home, will the warranty of the HVAC system transfer to the new homeowners?
– Whether if it is done accidentally or voluntary, what will invalidate or break the warranty?
– What is using the warranty process?
– When manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on specific parts, how long does “lifetime” really mean?
– With system in the allotted time frame, how easy to use or access the warranty of I experience a breakdown?

How Do I Register My AC Unit?

Once presented with certificate or documentation of your warranty you will want to find out how you can activate or register the warranty as well. Either by your HVAC system company or something that you need to do on your own, this step may done. You will want to take the time to understand the specifics of your warranty and an important element to your HVAC system installation in any case.

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