Why Isn’t the Fan Spinning on My Outside AC Unit in Hattiesburg, MS? Failed Capacitor, Burnt Out Motor & More

When your air conditioner isn’t cooling down your home like it usually does, you may begin checking out your air conditioning system and try to determine the problem. If you discover you can hear your air conditioner running but the fan that is connected to the condenser system isn’t spinning, this may be the source of your air conditioner’s failure. Steve’s Heating & Air will share what may be the problem should this occur and when to seek out professional air conditioning repairs.

Why is AC Condenser Fan Not Running?

When your air conditioner is running but the fan isn’t spinning, a number of problems may have occurred. Many of these problems will require an HVAC professional to properly diagnose and repair. However, here are some of the common reasons why your fan may not be spinning:
Failed AC Capacitor: The fan motor that powers the fan uses a capacitor which supplies the motor with electricity. Capacitors can wear down over time and become damaged or dirty. A dirty capacitor can become stuck to the off position which will not provide the fan with power. The capacitors will need to be either cleaned or replaced.
Tripped Breaker: In some cases, the breaker tripped if the circuit line became over heated. If the breaker tripped, the entire air conditioner will stop running and not just the fan. However, it is a possibility worth checking out before contacting an HVAC service.
Burnt Out AC Fan Motor: A fan motor is one of the components that tend to wear down sooner than other components. The fan motor works very hard to provide the air conditioner with enough air and air flow to create cool air. When the motor overheats or ages, it can simply burn out and need to be replaced.
Dirty Air Filter: Never underestimate how a dirty air filter can affect your air conditioner. A dirty air filter can restrict air flow which puts a lot of stress on the air conditioner’s fan. If enough stress builds up, it can cause the fan to shut down. For the health of your air conditioner, make sure to maintain clean air filters.
AC Fan Belt Problems: The fan may use a belt system to spin the fan around. At times the belt can become stretched out and slip off, or the belt can break. The fan belt will need to be replaced if this is the case.

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These are the common problems that can cause the air conditioner’s fan not to spin. As the homeowner you will want to check the air filters and the circuit breaker to rule out these basic problems. However, if the problem is either mechanical or electrical, it is best to seek a professional HVAC technician to inspect your air conditioner. A professional will be able to determine the source and ensure it is properly repaired. If your air conditioner is having problems this summer season and you need fast and quality HVAC services, contact Steve’s Heating & Air and schedule our services today.

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