Is Your Air Conditioning Unit Leaking Outside from Excessive Condensation in Dixie, MS

The air conditioning unit that is part of your home is the largest appliance. It also is the appliance that uses the majority of the energy on your electric bill. The air conditioning is not a necessity but it is something that we have all come accustomed to having around. Comfort is just the way that we live and that means on a warm day having cool air blowing through the house. When there is a problem with the air conditioning unit or the heater it is always at the worst possible time. The unit will need to be repaired if there is a malfunction or broken part. The unit will usually show you signs that there is something that mater with it and that can also lead to the diagnosis as well.

Steve’s Heating & Air Explains Excessive Condensation & Leaking from Your Outside Air Conditioning Unit

Condensation Definition: When it comes to the air conditioning unit there are several areas that you may start to see condensation building. One is in the ductwork and that can be a problem for many different reasons. Condensation is a buildup of moisture that can potentially cause a slew of other problems. The water that is building can pool and start to leak in other areas of the home. You may have wet spots on the ceiling which can easily lead to mold and mildew growth. The unit may also have condensation on the actual outdoor unit. The coils can on occasion have moisture but when it starts to leak and drip around the outside of the unit you are in some trouble. The moisture no matter where it is will cause some secondary issues that include dangerous mold growth. There is also a condensation drip that is attached to the top level of your home. This should remain dry at all times and if you start to see it drip it is a sign that there is a problem with the unit. The drip is usually placed over a window so that you can see it when it starts to drip water. You want to address the issue right away by hiring a professional as soon as possible.
What Causes Air Conditioner Condensation?: There are several reasons that you AC unit can be collecting condensation. One of them is that the drain that is supposed to deal with any moisture is clogged. This is usually the problem when you see the drip above the window. Other reasons for moisture to begin to buildup have to do with the condenser and other major components of the unit. These are not things that should be addressed unless you have the expertise to repair them. If you attempt to diagnose the problem and make the repair you could end up causing more damage to the unit. That would lead to unnecessary costs when you should have called a professional.

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