R22 Phase Out 2017 in Oak Grove, MS. What is Replacing Freon Air Conditioner Refrigerant?

When dealing with your air conditioning unit you have to keep it maintained and know what to do to keep it going from season to season. When it comes to the cooling system it will need a refrigerant or coolant to get the air cooled down so that it can be sent through the house. The refrigerant is often times run out if there is a leak or it gets low. The refrigerant can be recharged and the unit back to working order. The main refrigerant that is used in most of the units is called R22. It is the main refrigerant that has been used in over 40 years. The EPA has started to phase out this popular coolant because of the damage that is potentially has on the earth. The more people learn and understand about the ozone and the health of the planet the more changes that will be made. The research ensure that we are all making strides to better what we are doing to the planet for future generations. With that said you may have a unit that is using R22 and you will soon enough no longer be able to find this refrigerant. That means you need to have a backup plan and know when it applies.

Steve’s Heating & Air Explains What R22 is, Why it is Being Phased Out & What it Means for You

What is R22 Refrigerant?: The element that is used to help cool the air that is then sent to your homes ductwork is called refrigerant. The main one that has been used for nearly 40 years is called hydro chlorofluorocarbon otherwise known as R22. Even though this has been the main refrigerant it is on its way out and for good reason.
Why the R22 Phase Out?: When it comes to anything that uses chemicals, aerosols, and other products that could damage the earth most people are doing what they can to improve them. R22 being used as a refrigerant still cools the air that is in your home but it is also been found to deplete the ozone. The more that is known about the ozone the more it is realized that anything causing damage needs to be stopped. The EPA has set a plan in motion to phase out the use of R22 to help with any further damage. There are other options that are more environmentally friendly in the market to take its place.
How Do You Know You Are Using R22 Refrigerant?: It is fairly simple to know if you are one of the many homes that will be effected with this phase out. Any of the units that were manufactured before January 2010 will be using the R22 as a refill for refrigerant. Anything that was manufactured after that date will have been required to accept other types of refrigerants and they will not need to be replaced. If you find that your unit is too old you will need to purchase a new one by 2020. The R22 phase out will be complete at that point and your unit will be completely out of date.

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