Central Air Conditioning Basics in Purvis, MS; Professional Tune Up Maintenance & More

Taking on a home of your own can be a very exciting adventure. Making it your own is something that takes work, but the results will make anyone proud. Many homeowners take the opportunity to learn the basics about the care and maintenance of their home. Electrical, plumbing, and even a little contracting such as painting and handyman work is learned. More and more new homeowners would benefit if they took the time to learn the basic care and maintenance of their HVAC system. As a first time homeowner, you can avoid costly repairs and high operating costs by understanding the standard needs of your HVAC system and we at Steve’s Heating & Air would like to share the basics.

Central Air Conditioner Working Principle

1) Invest in professional air conditioner services twice a year. Professional HVAC services include maintenance, installation, and repairs; generally speaking. At the minimum, you should invest in tune-ups, inspections, and maintenance services twice a year; spring and fall are the most optimal seasons. Allowing too much time to go in between services can defeat the ultimate goal. The maintenance services prevent significant need of repairs, keep the system operating efficiently, and potentially prolong its lifespan. These check-ups can allow the professionals to catch the little issues before they become major catastrophes.
2) Allow at least two feet of clearance around the appliances. The appliances, including both A/C units and furnace should have at least 2 feet of clearance around them, though 3 feet is better. Particularly they outdoor unit that can be overwhelmed by the clutter and landscaping. The landscaping and the pests that are attracted to it along the clutter and debris can hinder the air conditioner’s function and keeping it clear of grass, trees, bushes, dirt, trash, and other clutter can better offer it more protection.
3) Unusual air conditioner smells suggest a problem. Unusual smells indicate a problem. Stuffy or musty odors are a concern for water related issues that can lead to mildew and mold and burning smells can point to an electrical concern. In any case, smelling anything abnormal in connection with the functioning of your HVAC system should be inspected by a trained professional as soon as possible.
4) Filters should never go more than three months without being replaced. The air filter is one of the most important components to the HVAC system. They collect the all of the airborne particles in the air such as dust, dirt, pollens, pet dander, hair, dead skin cells, and other particulates and trap them. Checking the filters once a month can ensure you are making certain the air filters are not impeding the airflow and causing problems on the rest of the HVAC system. Whether or not you feel they need it, change the filter every 3 months at the least, but in homes with pets, multiple occupants, occupants with allergies, and those with dusty climates should make sure they are changed more often.
5) Insulation and air ducts needs to be well-maintained. Air ducts need to be connected and not leaking or damaged as well as adequately insulated. Over time, the insulation will wear thin and air will leak, energy lost, and the temperature loses the comfortable air you paid to create. If you notice fluctuating temperatures, call a professional to inspect the insulation and air ducts.

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