Common Furnace Problems in Hattiesburg, MS; Blower Keeps Turning On & Off, Bad Ignition System & More

As we start to see the weather take a turn for the colder, we are all getting our furnaces up and running. When your furnace hasn’t been running for months because the weather has been warm, it isn’t uncommon to find that there are repairs here and there that need to be made when you fire it up again in the fall and winter. Steve’s Heating & Air is here to talk about some of the most common furnace problems that we often run into.

Dirty Furnace Filters

Your air filters keep particles from making their way into your furnace and causing damage. However, it is equally important that you have enough airflow for your furnace to work properly. When you have a dirty filter, your furnace can’t get the airflow it needs and will have to work much harder to operate. This can lead to many different types of repairs.

Bad Ignition System

If you have noticed that there isn’t much heat blowing from your vents, it could indicate that there is an issue with the ignition system. Sometimes it can be an issue as small as dust buildup on the sensor. There are instances where the ignition sensor has completely failed though. It is best to have it inspected by a professional.

Furnace Making Loud Noise

While your furnace should make some noise when it starts to work to heat your home, you shouldn’t hear any loud banging sounds while its on. This is indicative of a problem. Unusual noises coming from your furnace are never a good thing and should be checked out by a professional.

Furnace Blower Keeps Turning On & Off

If your heating rod is dirty or there is low airflow in your furnace, it can cause your furnace to short cycle. This means that your furnace is turning on for a few moments, only to turn back off only minutes later. Sometimes it is simply a deep cleaning that is needed to avoid this overheating problem, but you could have an issue that need to be resolved by a professional as well.

Bad Smells from Furnace

When your furnace is on and running, you shouldn’t smell any unusual odor. If you start to smell something like natural gas, you need to turn off the furnace as soon as possible and get out of the house. Once you are safely out of the house, you need to call an HVAC professional to inspection the situation and make sure you aren’t dealing with a gas leak which can be extremely dangerous.

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It doesn’t matter what problem you may be having with your furnace; you can count on the experts at Steve’s Heating & Air to fix it. We know how important it is that you have a warm house as the temperature starts to fall. When you call us with a furnace problem, you can expect our team of professionals to work quickly to respond to your call. Call us today!

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