What Can Cause a Furnace to Stop Working in Petal, MS? Repairs for Pilot Ignition Failure, Faulty Thermostat & More

During their lifespan, furnaces will eventually suffer some bumps and issues. Through time and use, furnaces require repairs although under rare circumstances, problems develop due to poor installation. The problems the furnace faces can often be easily repaired. The furnace malfunctions may result in the need for a furnace replacement, however, more often than not they can be repaired. With a skilled professional, furnace repairs are done fairly quickly. To help you get your home comfortable and warm fast, you should hire a licensed HVAC contractor for immediate assistance. We at Steve’s Heating & Air would like to share the furnace issues that happen more commonly than others.

Pilot Ignition Control Failure

When you turn your heat on the pilot, which is a small flame, it ignites and activates. In the event the light burns out, or any other problems manifest, the proper and necessary measures must be followed, otherwise, other problems can develop. Call an HVAC professional to make sure the process is done proficiently.

Faulty Thermostat in Home

An indication that the furnace’s thermostat is faulty is the imperfections in the home’s heating system and the decreased indoor comfort levels. The repairs are usually quick since the thermostat’s deficiency is a mild hiccup. As the wiring often tends to be the source, a professional can make immediate repairs that are safe and correct.

Dirty Furnace Filter

A rather common problem with the furnace is filter troubles, especially since most homeowners do not realize that they have to replace filters. To maximize the efficiency of your furnace, the filters should be replaced to keep the clean air circulating through the house. Replacing the filters on a routine basis is essential to your home HVAC system’s maintenance.

Restricted Air Flow

The airflow is restricted if a problem is presented if the system ever gets clogged or backed up. The home will be more comfortable and secure when you take the steps to keep the airflow up to its potential. Throughout the home, the designed ducts, or the piping system can become built up with debris and may have to be blown out and cleaned. Replace the filters and remove the clutter from the vents as well as registers.

Neglecting Heating Maintenance

With installation, maintenance and repairs and other service, the furnaces can have a substantial cost. Instead of preventing them along with the costly problems keep accumulating you will just continue to have the issues all because you didn’t ensure routine maintenance.

Normal Wear & Tear from Furnace Appliance

With age and use, furnaces deteriorate over time. The tear and wear might make the furnace not as functional or efficient as it works hard with the demand. When the wear and tear become an issue with your furnace as the aging furnace cannot keep up with the demand, a replacement is in your better interest.

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In the event if your furnace is in the fritz and needs repairs, requires maintenance, of if you find the furnace has reached its end and needs replacing; call Steve’s Heating & Air and let us assist you.

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