When to Repair or Replace an Old Furnace in Dixie, MS; Old System, High Heating Bill, Carbon Monoxide Leak & More

A predicament concerning their furnace that makes homeowners consider if replacing the furnace is a better option than fixing it is common. Especially when a furnace can last 10 or more years, most hesitate at the thought of pouring in substantial funds for a replacement. Before choosing which route to take we at Steve’s Heating & Air would like to take a moment to help you weigh out your options with some factors to consider. Having a general guideline can better help you make a practical decision. You need to make an informed decision and though there is no rule book for this before taking the plunge and buying a new furnace or replacing the old. There are some general basics as to which option is better for your circumstances that you will find below.

Old Furnace Heater

A furnace that is 15 years or older. A furnace can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years, depending the diligence of the maintenance, the quality of the model of the furnace. You will need frequent repairs the closer it gets to retirement the more signs of wear will manifest. Consult with the professional on the repairs, a furnace over 15 years or if it is better off replaced if the furnace is under 10 years of age.

When Furnace Repairs Cost More than Half of Replacement

It is optimal when repairs exceed 50% of the cost of a replacement for a general guideline for a furnace replacement. You should consider a replacement, however, if your older furnace has exceeded 75% of its life and it will cos 1/3 of the replacement cost.

Unusually High Heating Bill

Heating costs fluctuate year to year with supply and demand and the changing weather patterns. Unusual spikes in months that coincide with your furnace indicate a problem. Causing the unit to perform inefficiently, internal parts wear. the furnace has to syphon more energy, leading to extra strain and increased bills. You need to contact a professional in the event you notice peculiar spikes. Repairs are likely the better option should the furnace is under 15 years and less than half of the costs to get it replaced.

Carbon Monoxide Leak

It can be fatal with long-term exposure to carbon monoxide. The most common is when the furnace that has a cracked combustion chamber though a few circumstances can cause carbon monoxide from the furnace. It is best to replace the furnace whenever carbon monoxide is being produced. Call a professional as soon as possible you suspect carbon monoxide present by experiencing any of the Extra moisture builds up on the walls, windows, along with other surfaces
– On the furnace, streaks of soot buildup
– Pipes are rusty
– The otherwise blue furnace burner flame is yellow
– Absent from the chimney is the upward draft
– Flu-like symptoms manifest including disorientation, headaches, and nausea

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