How to Increase Your Central Air Conditioner Cooling Efficiency in Oak Grove, MS

For many homeowners across the country, and especially in the Vegas desert, the cooling bills in the summer are a cause for concern. The energy cost skyrocket with the air conditioner running during the intense heat waves. Below, we at Steve’s Heating and Air have compiled some useful tips to keep your cooling efficiency high and the energy bills low.

How to Improve Air Conditioning Cooling Efficiency

Improving the air conditioner’s efficiency is easier than you may think. The tips below will contribute to the home staying cooler while lessening the demand on the air conditioner, thus saving you on your power consumption as well as saving the environment.
1) Inspect condenser. Start by inspecting the area surrounding your outdoor air conditioning unit. Clear away the dirt, debris, clutter, and trim back the vegetation. The system can operate more effectively with the unit having 2 feet of clearance because there is nothing than can cause clogs or restrain the efforts.
2) Check indoor vents. Check the indoor vents and ensure the collecting dust and debris is wiped clean or use the vacuum’s hose to clear away they buildup. With the vents free of accumulating debris, the vents will have a steady of uninterrupted airflow.
3) Adjust the thermostat 5-8 degrees. Increasing the temperature a few degrees will help significantly. Additionally, ensure it is increased when you sleep and are away. A programmable or smart thermostat will help you manage the settings better.
4) Thermostat placement. Be sure to keep appliances and lamps away from the thermostat whenever possible. The heat resonating from the lamps and appliances confuses the thermostat and will influence the air conditioner to work harder than necessary.
5) Run appliances at night. Whenever possible, avoid running the dryer or oven during the hottest times of the day. The cooling system is in high demand during the scorching temperatures outside and adding the produced heat from these appliances only strains your system and increases the power bill.
6) Block sunlight indoors. During the times the direct sunlight shines through the windows throughout your home, ensure the blinds and/or curtains are closed. For a bonus, consider applying UV films on the windows to help block out the heat.
7) Check air ducts. Every 3 months or so, check on the air ducts as best you can. Check to make sure they are all connected, there are no air leaks, and that they are well insulated to avoid them leaking the cool air you already paid for.
8) Change air filters. Ensure you are diligent about checking the air filters once a month and clean or replace them when they are full of debris. No matter if they look it or not, always change them at the 3-month mark.

Central AC Troubleshooting

If you should find the air conditioner is not operating properly, apply the following to see if the issue is an easy fix.
– Check all the registers and make sure they are all open.
– Make certain the furnace filter is clean and properly fitted.
– Gently clean off the buildup from the condenser coils on the outside unit.

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If any issues persist, contact a professional for repairs. If the cooling system is older, it may be time for a replacement where a reputable professional will inform you of your options. When you experience problems with your cooling system, call the expert technicians of Steve’s Heating and Air and let us resolve the problem.

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