DIY AC Repair VS Hiring a Professional Air Conditioning Technician in Purvis, MS

Your HVAC system can malfunction unexpectedly, leaving you out in the cold during winter or overheating in the summer. With so many DIY videos online, you might be tempted to perform the repairs yourself. After all, DIY projects are usually more cost-effective, easy, and convenient, at least from the internet’s perspective. The reality is that DIY HVAC repairs can be dangerous and expensive and should be left to the professionals at Steve’s Heating and Air.

Why DIY AC Repairs Do Not Work

1. DIY AC Repair is Dangerous: Attempting to do your HVAC repairs yourself is fraught with danger. With one mistake, you could end up seriously injured or electrocuted or start a fire. Your licensed and insured Steve’s Heating and Air technician has the education, skillset, and tools to perform repairs safely.
2. Improper AC Repairs: Your Steve’s Heating & Air technician uses specialized tools and equipment to diagnose your HVAC system and complete the repairs. Without the education and training, you may think you have the puzzle solved, but improper repairs could lead to extensive damage to the unit and an expensive replacement.
3. Voiding AC Warranty: Most HVAC systems come with a guarantee to protect the buyer’s interests. Your warranty could become void if an unlicensed individual, including you, performs services or repairs on the unit. Your warranty can save you thousands of dollars in repair bills, providing a licensed professional performs the repairs.
4. Increased Costs: Lacking the correct tools, equipment, and inexperience is your enemy. You can spend money on parts and equipment you don’t need and cause more damage poking around in places your shouldn’t. Your Steve’s Heating and Air technician has the experience and knowledge to care for your HVAC issues and can recommend the most cost-effective solutions to get your system running as quickly as possible.
5. Difficulty Reassembling AC Parts: Attempting repairs on your HVAC system requires you to take the unit apart to repair or replace components. Dismantling the system is more complicated than you might think. Even more problematic than taking it apart is reassembling the parts correctly. Reassembling mistakes can be costly, and you risk damaging your unit permanently. Your Steve’s Heating & Air experienced technician can take your system apart, make repairs, and put it back together again in next to no time.

What to Do if You Run Out of Refrigerant

Never attempt to add refrigerant when it runs low. The refrigerant should only be replaced by your Steve’s Heating and Air technician. Handing the refrigerant yourself could result in an accident, including inhaling dangerous fumes and chemical burns. Depending on the brand of HVAC system installed in your home, your evaporator coil can be challenging to access. Avoid personal injuries or damage to the unit by leaving the job to Steve’s Heating & Air experts.

HVAC Maintenance You Can Do at Home

Clean the exterior of your HVAC unit and remove all traces of debris around your unit, including bushes and shrubs, that have the potential to affect airflow. Clean your air filters monthly, and replace them every three months. A clean air filter will prevent airflow issues and improve the air quality inside your home.

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