How Important is Static Pressure in HVAC in Lumberton, MS? Symptoms of High Pressure & More

There are several things that can cause issues with your AC system. A lot of the time, these issues can be avoided through regular maintenance. Sometimes, AC problems are caused by age as well. However, today we are going to talk about static pressure, and why it is important to understand it. Steve’s Heating and Air is here to talk about what static pressure is and why you need to know about it.

What is AC Static Pressure?

If you don’t know what static pressure is, you aren’t alone. Most people know how important it is that their AC unit has enough air flow. However, they don’t realize that the air flow depends largely on how much static pressure is there. Static pressure is the force that is needed to push the cool air through the air ducts and throughout your home by overcoming internal resistance. When the static pressure is high, it can cause issues.

Symptoms of High Static Pressure

You don’t want to have static pressure that is too high inside your unit because it can be extremely hard on the system. When there is high static pressure, your unit has to work much harder to cool your house. Here are some signs that you have high static pressure inside your unit:
– Higher Utility Bills: Have you noticed a sudden spike in the energy bills you get each month? When you’re AC system is working so hard to keep your house cool, it can lead to higher bills. This is one of the first indications that there is high static pressure inside your unit.
– Strange AC Noises: When there is high static pressure in your unit, you will hear a loud humming noise well it is working to cool your house. There is definitely a certain level of noise whenever your AC kicks on, but if you ever hear a strange noise that isn’t normally there, it is cause for concern.
– Uneven Cooling: When your AC system is on, you should experience comfortable temperatures throughout your house. If you have hot and cold areas in your home, it can be caused by high static pressure.

Why is Static Pressure So High?

High static pressure is going to be present when there is something restricting airflow. There are a few different reasons that this could be happening.
– Dirty Evaporator Coil: Dirt on the evaporator coils inside your unit can cause high static pressure.
– Dirty Air Filter: Your filter needs to be changed on a regular basis to avoid air flow restrictions.
– Small Air Returns: The air returns found throughout your home play a large role in the comfort of your house. It is essential that they are the right size though.

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