Gas & Electric Furnace Maintenance in Columbia, MS; are Annual Heating Inspections & Tune Ups Really Necessary?

It is important to prepare our furnace heating system for routine use as we approach the cooler months and find ourselves using the air conditioner less. To prepare your heating system, we at Steve’s Heating & Air would like to offer the following recommendations. Change Air Filter Once a month and at minimum, once every…

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Is it Necessary to Service Your Central Air Conditioner Every Year in Petal, MS? AC Tune Up, Inspection & More

Spring time and early summer is the perfect time to get your air conditioner tuned up. The cold winter season is over and as the weather continues to heat up, soon the air conditioner will begin running constantly. To ensure your air conditioner runs efficiently and smoothly with no failures this hot summer season it…

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Air Conditioner Problems in Richton, MS; AC Refrigerant Leaks, Clogged Drain Lines & More

The air conditioner can be expected to have wear and tear, since the moving parts eventually deteriorate. You can minimize the likelihood of air conditioner failure with routinely scheduled maintenance services from a trusted professional for the air conditioners. To build a good reputation, air conditioner manufacturers want to produce high quality air conditioner products.…

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