What are the Signs of a Bad AC Compressor in Lumberton, MS? Leaking Refrigerant, Weak Air Flow & More

The air conditioner’s compressor is one of the harder working components in the cooling system. The compressor will compress the gaseous refrigerant and increase the refrigerant temperature which will change the refrigerant from a gas back into a liquid. Without the circulation cycle of refrigerant, your air conditioner will not be able to create cool air and recycle the refrigerant. When the compressor begins to fail, it will provide some warning signs. As the homeowner it is important to be aware and to watch for these warning signs to know when your compressor needs repair. Steve’s Heating & Air would like to share some of the common signs of a failing compressor.

What Happens if the AC Compressor Fails?

Sluggish AC Noises – When it starts up, the compressor may be sluggish and make some odd noises. The noise the compressor will make can be hard to describe, other than a sluggish worn down type of noise. This is a common sign in a worn down unit. If your unit is over 15 years old, your compressor is probably very worn down and in need of some future replacement.
Leaking AC Refrigerant Fluid – When a compressor begins to wear down, its bearing can become loose. Through the loose bearing, the liquid refrigerant can escape and leak out. If you are seeing an odd fluid coming from the compressor, it is the refrigerant. Even though the refrigerant is a harmful chemical to the environment, it is still needed to create cool air. If you are seeing a liquid coming from the compressor seek immediate HVAC services.
Warm & Weak Air Flow – Two common signs that often appear at the same time as well as sometimes separately, is weak air flow and or warm air coming from the air vents. When the compressor wears down, it cannot send as much air to the rest of the cooling system. Since the compressor isn’t pumping the refrigerant properly, the air will also be warmer.
Overheating Problems – When the compressor isn’t functioning properly, often the outdoor unit will overheat. When the unit overheats the cooling cycle might stop suddenly or even the breaker to the outdoor unit will trip. Overheating can also be due to a blockage or an air flow restriction. Make sure the outdoor unit is clean and open. You will want to ensure that the outdoor unit has plenty of air flow.
Increasing Power Bill – Sometimes a weakening or worn out compressor may provide little warning. However, the health of your air conditioner can be revealed on your power bill. As the compressor begins to fail, the air conditioning system will need to work more often and for longer periods of time. This will cause an increase demand on power consumption. You will see this increase power usage on your power bill. If your power bill is increasing, have your air conditioner checked to see if the compressor or another major component might be failing.

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Do not ignore these classic warning signs of a failing compressor. Have the compressor repaired or replaced before it completely breaks down and leaves your home without A/C. For HVAC services, contact Steve’s Heating & Air today.

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