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What Can Cause a Furnace to Stop Working in Petal, MS? Repairs for Pilot Ignition Failure, Faulty Thermostat & More

During their lifespan, furnaces will eventually suffer some bumps and issues. Through time and use, furnaces require repairs although under rare circumstances, problems develop due to poor installation. The problems the furnace faces can often be easily repaired. The furnace malfunctions may result in the need for a furnace replacement, however, more often than not…

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Parts of a Furnace that Can Go Bad in Columbia, MS; Heat Exchanger, Burners, Blower Motor, Ignitor & More

Including electric, oil, duel fuel, and gas, there are four different types of furnaces. Being recognized by EnergyStar®, the gas furnaces are usually the most efficient types. Much as 98% fuel efficiency is achieved in modern achieve with the help of the outside’s fresh air. We at Steve’s Heating & Air would like to shine…

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Different Types of Forced Air Furnaces in Purvis, MS; Single Phase VS 2 Stage Furnace, Variable Speed & More

It is important to learn about the different types of forced air furnaces whether your home furnace is getting older, or if you’re just interested in lowering your energy bills throughout the cold season. Today, we at Steve’s Heating & Air would like to discuss the different types of furnaces. Types of Forced Air Furnace…

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Furnace Repair in Dixie, MS; Troubleshooting Bad Blower Motor, Cracked Heat Exchanger & Other Heating Problems

When the temperatures begin to drop and the furnace is used more and more, it is natural for machines to wear down. Furnaces will at some point in its life, require repairs. To help reduce and prevent extensive repairs it is encouraged to have your furnace tuned-up once a year. However, even with proper maintenance,…

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HVAC Installation & Other Mistakes in Petal, MS; Cover AC Condenser Unit, Neglect Annual Maintenance & More

Generally, ending with huge costs and damaged equipment, there are many mistakes homeowners make when it comes to their HVAC system. Any problems the air conditioner may be having should not be ignored and minor things should be taken care of on a routine basis, such as adjusting the thermostat, replacing the filters, and even…

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Gas & Electric Furnace Maintenance in Columbia, MS; are Annual Heating Inspections & Tune Ups Really Necessary?

It is important to prepare our furnace heating system for routine use as we approach the cooler months and find ourselves using the air conditioner less. To prepare your heating system, we at Steve’s Heating & Air would like to offer the following recommendations. Change Air Filter Once a month and at minimum, once every…

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