When Should You Buy a New AC Unit to Replace Your Old Air Conditioning System in Hattiesburg, MS?

If you are like most people, the thought of replacing your AC system makes your toenails curl. This is a large expense that no one is in a hurry to make. Most people want to get the most out of their current AC system before they are replacing it with another one. However, you don’t want to be caught on a hot Vegas summer day without the AC that you need to survive it. This means, you need to be aware of what condition your AC system is in and be willing to admit it when it is time to replace it. Steve’s Heating & Air is here to talk about when the best time to replace your AC system is.

Upgrade Old AC Now to Avoid Summer Rush

Everyone knows that you are going to be using your AC system the most during the summer months. This is also when many people are going to notice that they are in need of a new unit. The key to finding out if you are in need of an AC replacement, is to schedule your routine maintenance before the summer rush comes. This is when your technician can tell you how well your AC system is holding up. If it looks like your unit is showing signs of failure, they can let you know so you can decide if you are ready to pull the trigger on a new one or not. This can be helpful when it is done before summer hits and people are rushing to get their AC units replaced when they go to use them, and they aren’t working.

Spring & Fall are Ideal Times to Replace Your AC Unit

There is always going to be a lull for HVAC companies in the spring and fall seasons. This is due to the fact that there isn’t extreme weather on either side of the spectrum during these times. This makes these seasons the best times of the year to have your AC unit replaced. It is important that homeowners remember they don’t have to wait for the heat to hit to make a move on replacing their AC unit. You can save yourself a big headache when you have it taken care of long before the hot weather hits. When you take care of it before the severe heat hits, you don’t have to sit in an uncomfortable house while you wait for the HVAC professionals to make time for your home in their busy schedule.

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If you are concerned about your AC unit and how well it is performing, you can have the pros at Steve’s Heating & Air come and inspect it. When you turn your routine maintenance over to us, we can keep track of how your AC unit is working and give you our best recommendations for your unit and when would be the best time to replace it with a new one. Call us today!

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