How Do I Know if My Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced in Dixie, MS? Age, Refrigerant & More

You have been having problems with your AC and it seems to be happening more and more. You keep calling and getting it repaired because you don’t want to get a new one. But what are the signs that you need to just buckle down and get your AC replaced? Steve’s Heating & Air is here to help you learn when it is time to stop trying to repair your AC and just get it replaced.

Age of Air Conditioner

Some things we wish could last forever. We all know the saying, “nothing lasts forever” definitely applies to your AC. The average life span of your AC is about 10 – 15 years. It will depend on how well you are taking care of it during that time. When we say take care of it, we are talking about yearly maintenance checks and air duct cleaning. You should be having a professional come and make sure everything is running smooth and also getting your air ducts cleaned.

Does Humidity Affect Cooling?

If you are having inconsistent cooling and humidity, you can call and get a professional to come and get it fixed. Usually, it is a small, one-time problem that can be easily fixed. But if it keeps happening, you may want to consider replacing it. Your AC doesn’t last forever and if you are needing to get it fixed every year it is probably time you start looking into a replacement.

Can You Convert a R22 System to 410A or Another Refrigerant?

If your AC unit uses R-22 freon then you will want to start considering a new AC unit. This type of refrigerant has been phased out. It is no longer imported or produced, the only way you can get it is if it has been recycled, recovered, or reclaimed. The best thing to do if you still have an AC that uses R-22 freon is to replace your AC. Then you will not have to deal with trying to find R-22 freon.

AC Blowing a Weird Smell or Making a Loud Noise

Your AC unit should be quiet. It shouldn’t be making loud noises. If you can hear your AC while it is running then something is wrong. If every time your AC turns on you smell a foul smell, then there is also something wrong with your AC. Smells and noises should not be part of having an AC. If you are having either of these problems, you need to have a professional come and take a look at it. It might be time to replace our AC with a new and better one.

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Having an AC that keeps going out is not something that anyone wants to deal with. Replacing your old AC with a new and better one will help keep your home cool for the summer. If you have any questions or concerns about your AC, Steve’s Heating & Air is happy to help you learn and understand more about your AC. Contact us today!

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