Air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance Inspection & Tune Ups in Petal, MS; Preparing AC System for Hot Summer

It seems a bit early to be thinking about summer air conditioning maintenance. But in reality now might just be the best time. Some local systems act as two way heat pumps, cooling in the summer and heating in the winter by reversing the cycle. The primary system for heating and cooling in Pine Belt, Mississippi is gas. So the system is active year round. But the heavy lifting occurs in the summer time and as early as April, you may find yourself turning your AC on. Steve’s Heating & Air offers some helpful tips to ensure your AC system is ready for the hot summer heat.

Change Air Conditioner Filters Monthly

The primary home owner’s responsibility is filter changes. Filters should be replaced every 30 days for the whole year round. Filters capture dust and other household atmospheric debris. Dust mites, dander and dirt are filtered from the air. These particles carry allergens that create misery for the homes occupants. Even those not susceptible to allergies generally do better with cleaner air. The finer the mesh, the smaller the particles captured. But the price paid is lowered air flow. You need to choose filters balanced to the recommended air flow rate mandated by the manufacturer. All things being equal you need more filter area to maintain air flow and the smaller the openings in the filter mesh. This translates to bigger filters.

AC System Inspection & Cleaning; Condenser Coils, Evaporator, Coolant Lines, Condensation Drain Pans & More

Another AC component that needs attention is the AC condenser coils. The condenser coils are exposed to outside atmospheric conditions and they collect dirt. Dirt lowers the condenser’s efficiency and is usually unprotected by filtration. For some older systems attention should be given to the evaporator (protected by the filter) as well. Any natural debris like leaves and twigs should be cleared. You will want to check the lines that run the coolant through the system. Replace missing or damaged insulation in exposed areas using foam insulation sleeves. The air conditioning systems represent the major consumption of power in the home. These need to run efficiently to keep power usage as low as possible. Condensation drains and pans need cleaning and clearing. Those of us living in the sun-belt areas of Pine Belt, Mississippi depend on our AC systems to maintain comfort and our health. Anyone who has spent a day or two without an operating air conditioning system will agree that coping with high temperatures affects both mind and body. The very young and the elderly are very susceptible to exposure to elevated temperatures over extended periods of time.

Central Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance Tune Up, Emergency Repair, Replacement & More in Sumrall, Purvis, Oak Grove, Dixie, Richton, Barrontown, Columbia, Baxterville, Lumberton, Petal & Hattiesburg MS & Pine Belt, Mississippi

One thing to keep in mind is that the cooler months tend to be a slower period for the HVAC professional as they are not dealing with air conditioner emergencies. Timely response times with the peace of mind of the attention of qualified technicians will go a long way towards a healthy and comfortable summer. The trained and certified HVAC personnel at Steve’s Heating and Air welcome the opportunity to serve you and your maintenance needs. Contact us to schedule a spring air conditioner tune up today!

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