What Can I Use to Clean My Outside AC Unit in Richton, MS? Importance of Clearance Around Condenser & More

Maintenance and care are among primary elements contributing to the home’s efficiency and overall effectiveness of how the A/C performs. Using minimal energy, offering effective operating costs, preserve the condition and operate at full potential requires both professional services and homeowner care to maximize its lifespan. Cleaning the outdoor unit is clean is involved in part of that care. To share how to clean the outdoor air conditioner unit, we at Steve’s Heating & Air would like to do today.

What Can I Use to Clean My Outside AC Unit?

When you give the A/C unit sufficient cleaning before you start using the cooling system and then just before you start using the heat system. You will need the following list below.
– Shop vacuum
– Screwdriver
– Replacement filter
– Rags
– Pipe Cleaner or Soft-Bristled Brush
– Garden Hose
– Fin Comb

Maintain Clearance Around Your Air Conditioner?

Clear out the branches, leaves, sticks or other debris surrounding the outdoor air conditioner unit. Trim back any grass and prune any trees and shrubs and clean away from the exterior unit any weeds have encroached around the unit, pull them out. Around the unit, maintain at least 3 feet of clearance. Clutter, vegetation and debris all needs to be cleared away. You also want to ensure the A/C unit is sitting level as well.

How Do You Clean AC Condenser?

Unless it is turned off, it is critical you do not clean the unit. With a soft-bristled attachment, extract any dust, dirt, or other small debris from your unit. Any contaminants within the fins can be easily removed with any wet/dry vacuum. A fin comb or even a butter knife or other thin object is effective for straightening if any of the fins are bent and need to be straightened to their original position. Use a strong spray nasal attachment to the garden hose, spray away the debris after locating and removing the air conditioner’s filter if it the reusable type. If you are uncertain where it is, you can consult the owner’s manual. As needed, replace the dirty fiber or cardboard filter. By taking out the screw, remove the top access pane easily and carefully placing the panel aside. A condenser coil that has collected dirt, dust, debris and other build-up, impedes the function of the unit. The shop vac is effective to clean the bulk of the debris. Use a garden hose without the pressure nozzle to spray away the remaining the residues. By using a vacuum and hose, you can avoid causing damage to the coils or fins. You can use a damp cloth to clean off the fan blades to wipe away any build-up of debris. After everything is clean and the layers of dust and debris are thoroughly removed, replace the access panel and secure it with the screws. Once it is replaced, flip the unit back on.

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