Are High Efficiency Air Conditioners Worth it in Oak Grove, MS? Quietest AC Units on Market & More

Just like anything else, your air conditioning system isn’t going to last forever. Most people, on average, can count on their AC unit lasting about 15-20 years. If you are on the back end of that lifespan, you may find that you are better off replacing your older model for a newer, high efficiency one. When your AC unit is high efficiency, you will find that there are many benefits that you can take full advantage of. Steve’s Heating & Air is here to talk about some of the main benefits for replacing your AC unit for a high efficiency model.

Benefits of a High Efficiency Air Conditioner

No one wants to spend more than they have to when trying to stay cool in the summer months. The fact of the matter is that AC can be expensive. When you have a high efficiency unit in your home, the biggest benefit that you will find is that you spend less on the energy it takes to run your AC unit. Newer technologies in high efficiency models allow you to keep your home cool at a lower cost because of the lower amount of energy it takes to run them. Here are some of the other benefits you will have with a higher efficiency unit.
– Quietest Air Conditioners on the Market: Newer units as a whole, run much quieter than older, less efficient ones. They have a sound dampening blanket over the compressor and upgraded fan blades.
– Better Air Filter Performance: The media filters on newer models offer better filtration.
– Improved Indoor Comfort: When your unit is working better and more efficient, you will see optimal comfort as temperature and humidity is completely controlled.
– Constant Air Circulation: With variable capacity units, there is constant circulation because of the continuous blower system that keeps the air moving.

How to Increase Current AC Efficiency in Your Home

If you aren’t ready to replace your current AC, but are looking to make it more efficient, following are some tips to help you achieve that.
– AC Maintenance: Never skip your annual maintenance appointment. During this appointment, your entire system and unit is cleaned thoroughly which will allow proper airflow and increased efficiency.
– Change Air Filter: Make sure you are replacing your filter regularly to allow proper airflow and increased efficiency.
– AC Repairs: Any parts that aren’t working properly need to be replaced as soon as possible to that your unit can work efficiently to keep your home cool.
– Seal Air Ducts: Leaking ducts can be a big problem. You can lose up to 30% of the air cooled by your unit in leaking ducts. Fixing any leaks will help increase efficiency as well.

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If you are having issues with your current AC unit or are in need of maintenance, you can count on Steve’s Heating & Air to ensure your unit is ready to keep you cool this summer. We will do what we can to make your unit as efficient as possible. Call us today!

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