Should I Replace My Old Air Conditioner in Purvis, MS? How Do I Choose a New AC Unit & More

Has your air conditioner just up and died on you in the middle of the summer no less? You are most likely looking to replace one very quickly. Often the HVAC service that will install your air conditioner will also supply you with a new unit as well. They will make certain calculations to make sure you get the right type and size of a unit. However, there are some considerations the homeowner does have a say in. Before replacing an air conditioner unit, Steve’s Heating & Air will share what you need to know about replacing a new air conditioner.

What the Technician Will Calculate when Replacing AC

There are certain elements of replacing an air conditioner you will want to leave in the hands of the HVAC service. First they will be able to determine the right size unit for the size of your home. You may want to save money by asking for the smallest one possible, or you may want a bigger unit in hope for more savings. Nonetheless, you will need to install the right size unit. An over or under sized unit is nothing but trouble for your home’s cooling system. Air conditioner units are designed to cool a certain amount of space. For best performance and longevity of your new unit, allow the HVAC service to get the right size unit. Additionally, not all air conditioners are the same. The are many different types of air conditioning systems. It is important that the right unit is used for your home’s current heating and cooling design. The HVAC technician will know exactly which type of unit is needed for your home.

How Do I Choose a New Air Conditioner?

As the homeowner, there are certain elements of replacing an air conditioner you can control. For example, there are many different brands of air conditioners that the HVAC service will have access to. You can request a certain brand of air conditioner unit if you prefer. If you do not have a preference when it comes to the brand, another consideration is the efficiency rating. Every make and model air conditioning system will have its own efficiency rating. All of them start at a 14 and can go as high as a 25 SEER rating. The 14 is the lowest efficiency rating but that is much higher than older units. If you have a unit that is over 20 years old you will be getting an upgrade even if it is a 14. You will need to decide how high of a rating you will want. The higher the rating the more the unit will cost. However, the better SEERs rating will save you money over time. The SEER rating of your new unit is up to you and how much money you want to put towards your new air conditioner.

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Where some elements of replacing an air conditioner unit is in the hands of your HVAC service, you can request certain brands and the SEERs rating. If you have more questions or concerns about replacing your air conditioner, or need your unit replaced, contact Steve’s Heating & Air today.

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