Troubleshooting, Diagnosing & Fixing Central HVAC Cooling & Heating Problems in Hattiesburg, MS

During the life of an HVAC system, you should know it will develop a number of problems that will require minor repairs and cleaning. As an HVAC system ages, more and more minor problems will begin to occur. However, with proper maintenance and care, many of those little issues could be prevented. Steve’s Heating and Air will share some of the most common HVAC problems in an effort to avoid them.

Dirty & Clogged Air Filters

Not so much of a problem but rather a cause of many problems are dirty air filters. Cleaning or replacing the air filters as they become filled with dust and other particles is essential. A dirty air filter can affect both the furnace and air conditioning system and lead to premature component failure, high power bills, and more. Learn how often your air filters need to be changed and make sure to change them on schedule.

Failing HVAC Pilot Light or Electronic Ignition System

Furnaces use a pilot light or ignition system to start up and heat the inside of the home. The pilot light and flame sensor can become dirty over time and fail to ignite. Cleaning the pilot light is simple and should be part of annual maintenance. Over time the pilot light may need to be replaced and is a common problem that will occur as time goes on.

Thermostat Malfunction

Many times when the HVAC system fails, when it comes to either heating or cooling the home, the problem is the thermostat. Sometimes the thermostat is set to the wrong setting, or a wire connection came loose. Occasionally, the thermostat may need to be replaced as damages to the circuit board can occur.

AC or Furnace Motor Making Loud Noises Inside Unit

Both the furnace and the air conditioner use a motorized blower to circulate the air. Often, due to time and other compound problems, the blower can wear down, which results in a loud squeaking noise. When the motor begins to make noises, or you have poor air circulation, the blower motor may require the need to be replaced.

Air Conditioner or Furnace Keeps Blowing Fuse in Circuit Board

When the air conditioner or furnace completely shuts down and won’t turn on, often it is not the HVAC system that has failed but the circuit breaker, which may have blown a fuse or tripped. This can occur when the HVAC is under stress. This can be caused by a dirty air filter, the condenser is dirty or lack of air flow. If the HVAC system simply won’t turn on, check the breaker and see if the circuit has been tripped.

Dirty Air Conditioner Condenser

It is common for the condenser or evaporator coils to accumulate dirt due to condensation. A dirty condenser can have a number of effects on the air conditioner. It can cause stress on the air conditioner unit and lead to premature component wear, overloads, and a higher power bill.

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These is just a few of the common problem of an HVAC system. How to avoid or prolong most of these common issues are by regular maintenance. An HVAC system should be inspected, cleaned and tuned-up twice a year: once in the spring and again in the fall. The homeowner should always check the air filters and change them out when needed. With proper maintenance, you can help ensure the longevity of the HVAC system. For quality HVAC service and maintenance, contact Steve’s Heating and Air and schedule our service today.

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