Common Central Air Conditioner Problems in Columbia, MS; Condenser Clearance, Loud Noises & More

Many homeowners start to see some wear and tear on their A/C units as the warm summer temperatures are nearly over and the demand for air conditioning needs wanes down. Before shutting down the A/C unit for the season last-minute repairs may be needed as the use and age of the unit can demonstrate some tell-tale signs, even if proper maintenance and care was undertaken. Now is a good time through the start of fall to schedule an inspection and tune up service to make certain the air conditioning system is operating without issues and ready for the next summer season. To help you keep a vigilant eye out, we at Steve’s Heating and Air would like to share some common problems affecting the air conditioner’s performance that may likely emerge.

AC Making Loud Noise

The brunt of the abuse that combats the summer heat is the air conditioner’s motor. Due to the wear and tear incurred, the motor will frequently produce odd sounds. The unit may even break down if you do not address the unusual sounds fast enough. The humming sound heard is most likely the fan. Be sure to contact a pro as soon as possible to avoid costlier repairs when you first notice the strange hums or any other abnormal sound.

Dirty Air Conditioner Condenser & Inadequate Clearance

Throughout day-to-day activities, in addition to encroaching vegetation, the outdoor unit is exposed to dirt, grease, and debris that impacts the air flow. As the fall season continues its approach, now is the best time to cut back the foliage and declutter around the unit. For maximum safety and efficiency, experts recommend allowing 3 feet of clearance surrounding the unit, however, if that is not doable, at the very least, ensure 1 foot of clearance. The fins and coils should be cleaned as well as to promote better health and performance of your unit. Professionals offer cleaning services as well as routine maintenance services that include cleaning if you are not confident in the cleaning.

Clogged or Blocked Air Filters

The most forgotten maintenance steps homeowners are guilty of is neglecting the air filters. Compacted air filters can lead to some of the worst problems that effects the HVAC system’s overall performance though the simple and usually quick chore can be forgotten about. When the filters are over encumbered the air flow is restricted. Especially if anyone lives in the home with asthma and allergies, there are indoor pets, or there are smokers, the filters should be changed once a month. Depending on the variables, the system’s performance and health is maintained with the help of clean and fresh filters.

Emergency Central Air Conditioning Repairs, Tune Up Maintenance & More in Purvis, Oak Grove, Dixie, Sunrise, Barrontown, Leeville, Petal & Hattiesburg MS & Pine Belt, Mississippi

Investing in an overall HVAC system tune-up service can help your cooling system be prepared for the off-season, as well make the heating system ready for the impending cold weather. The summer toll on the A/C unit can get the care it needs, and the heating system is prepped and ready for the demand the chillier temperatures will promote. Call Steve’s Heating and Air today for your HVAC system maintenance and repair services!

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