How Do I Know if My AC is Having Breaker, Wires, Capacitor & Other Electrical Problems in Baxterville, MS?

An air conditioning system has a number of components that require power in order to operate. Inside an air conditioner there are a lot of electrical wires and devices that can fail or develop problems. When an air conditioner develops electrical problems it will provide some signs. Steve’s Heating and Air will share some common electrical problems that can occur as well as their signs.

How Do You Know if Your AC Breaker is Bad?

An air conditioner has a dedicated circuit that supplies power only to the cooling unit. A circuit breaker to the air conditioner can develop its own set of problems. The circuit breaker itself can be loose, be undersized, or has simply gone out. When a circuit breaker has a problem it will, of course, affect the air conditioning system. When there is a problem with the circuit breaker, often the air conditioner will loose power or have unstable power. If the circuit breaker trips frequently, this can point to a problem with the air conditioner unit. When a component inside the air conditioning system overheats, it will cause the breaker to trip. When the circuit breaker trips frequently, the air conditioning system needs investigating to determine the cause.

Need to Fix AC Wires

An air conditioner has a lot of wires inside that provides power and electrical control to the various components. The wiring inside the air conditioner is vulnerable to corrosion, disconnection, fraying and other damages. When the electrical wiring develops physical damages or becomes disconnected, the component will lose power or have unstable power. Often you can hear a humming or buzzing sound which indicates electrical problems. However, it can be difficult to locate the faulty wiring. Often the entire unit will need to be opened and the wiring replaced. When you have wiring problems and to ensure safety and that the wiring is properly repaired, seek out an HVAC technician today.

How Do I Know if My AC Capacitor is Bad

Two primary electrical devices in an air conditioner are the capacitors. There is a capacitor that connects to the fan and compressor motors. Most systems work by alternating electrical currents to the two capacitors. One capacitor often referred to as the “start up capacitor” is responsible for starting up the motor. The second capacitor referred to as the “run capacitor” is responsible for maintaining the flow of electricity to the motors. Often when an air conditioner stutters or struggles to start up, the startup capacitor might need to be replaced. If there appears to be a problem maintaining the flow of power through a cycle than the run capacitor might be failing and require replacement.

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Electrical problems in an air conditioner can be at times hard to determine as well as locating the source of the failure. Most electrical problems can be repaired or electrical components replaced. However, dealing with electrical systems can be hazardous and must be done correctly to ensure electrical safety. For reliable air conditioning throughout the hot summer season, make sure to seek professional assistance when electrical problem first develop. For quality AC repair services and more, contact Steve’s Heating & Air today!

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