Natural Gas, Oil or Electric Furnace Too Loud, Blower Motor Not Working, Igniting, Turning On or Giving Enough Heat in Hattiesburg, MS? Troubleshooting Tips

The furnace in your home is part of the HVAC system. It works to heat your home when the weather is cold outside. We have all become very accustomed to creature comforts, and one of those often taken for granted comforts is keeping the temperature in your home at a level that is pleasing for the whole family. The HVAC system is the largest appliance that you have in your home and it is responsible for a lot of the energy used each day. The system needs to be in good working order to ensure it is energy efficient as well as keeping you comfortable.

Steve’s Heating & Air List Reasons Your Heater Or Furnace May Stop Working

Furnace Blower Motor Not Working: The furnace uses a blower to send the heated air into the duct work. That heated air then comes out through the vents and into the room. The furnace heats the air but if the blower is not working the air won’t go anywhere and your home will not reach the desired temperature. You may have a problem with your thermostat settings and it not being set correctly. The blower can have several problems that all need to be troubleshooted and repaired by a professional. It could be a problem with the gas valve, propane line or the pilot light.
Furnace Too Loud: Your furnace can be powered by electricity, natural gas or fuel oil. The furnace, no matter what style you have, should not be making loud noises. When you start to hear noises like scraping, banging, popping and even whining there could be some problems that need to be repaired. If you are hearing popping it could be from a dirty burner that is covered in dust or dirt. The whining noises can be a sign of belts that could be loose or broken. These noises are all signs that you need to have your furnace repaired and fixed. A professional will know what these sounds are and what they mean in terms of repair.
Furnace Not Giving Enough Heat: If you set your home to a warm and cozy 78 degrees and you come home to find it is not quite hitting that degree it can be frustrating. The furnace should be able to keep up with the temperature that you choose in any kind of weather. The first place to check is the thermostat to be sure that the setting is correct. You want the thermostat to be set to auto instead of on. This will allow the furnace to run when it is necessary. Another problem can be a maintenance issue and be from a dirty filter. The filter needs to be able to cycle the air from the house through the filter. If the filter is too dirty and covered with dust it will not circulate enough air to warm up.

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