Late Season Central Air Conditioner Repairs in Purvis, MS; AC Short Cycling, Weak Air Flow from Vents & More

When it comes to the weather, sometimes it is hard to tell when the heat is gone for good and the cooler temps are here to stay. This is why the air conditioning and heating unit have to be in good shape. Your HVAC system keeps your house a comfortable place. There are some people that think that a problem with their air conditioner can go unrepaired at the end of the summer season because you won’t be using it again until next year. The problem is that you may need to continue to use it when the weather is still warm enough that your home is not at the temperature that you want and warmer temperatures could come earlier next year than you had planned. If you have chosen to skip having your AC repaired you may be in a bad position when you try to use it again. The other issue is that when the season comes back around you may have forgotten about the repairs and that will leave you in an emergent position. Steve’s Heating & Air outlines what late seasons air conditioner repairs you should definitely address sooner rather than later.

AC Short Cycling

One of the issues that many homeowners tend to call for a technician about is that their air conditioner is short cycling. Short cycling is something that happens to your air conditioner for a plethora of different reasons. You can tell that your unit is short cycling when it is turning on to cool the house and quickly off again. This will happen over and over again and you will notice that the house is not feeling like the temperature is balanced. If you think your unit is short cycling you want to make sure to call out a professional even if it is late in the summer. The late season does not mean that the unit should not be repaired. It is always is best to have the repairs done so that they do not get worst and cause more issues.

Weak Air Flow from Vents

If you have been running your air conditioner all summer long you may start to notice that there is not as much air flow as there was. There are a few reasons that this can happen and it will not just be a problem for your air conditioner. It can also be a problem when you run your heat as well. The most common issue is that the ducts have been filled with dirt and dust and the air does not have a clear path to get to each of the rooms. The ducts are also what will send the heated air to the house as well. That is why you want to make sure you have them cleaned. There are other reasons behind decreased air flow and that is why you need to call a professional.

Air Conditioner Causing High Electric Bill

You also want to keep an eye on your energy bill all the way through the end of the summer. The energy cost will slowly go down as you start to use the AC less. If you notice that the energy or power bill is still staying high or that the amount of energy you are using is still over the norm you want to call a professional. This means that your unit is not running efficiently and should be looked at and repaired by a professional.

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