Furnace Repair in Dixie, MS; Troubleshooting Bad Blower Motor, Cracked Heat Exchanger & Other Heating Problems

When the temperatures begin to drop and the furnace is used more and more, it is natural for machines to wear down. Furnaces will at some point in its life, require repairs. To help reduce and prevent extensive repairs it is encouraged to have your furnace tuned-up once a year. However, even with proper maintenance, at some point you can still expect repairs. Steve’s Heating & Air will share some of the common furnace repairs that you should watch out for throughout this winter season.

Leaking Air Ducts

During the winter season the furnace is working throughout the day to keep the inside of the home warm and comfortable. As the heated air travels through the air duct system, the heat can weaken the adhesive that holds the air ducts together, causing leaks. It can take decades before the air ducts will develop leaks. However when they do occur, it can cause a number of issue. When there is a leak in the air ducts, it can cause uneven heat in the home. When there is a leak the warm air is escaping through the split. The inside of the home will feel cooler and not heating up like usual. When there is a leak it will also cause your heating bill to increase as the furnace is working more often. These frequent and prolonged heating cycles will cause additional stress on the furnace and lead to premature wear and tear. It is important if you develop any of the classic signs of an air duct leak to have it repaired immediately.

Furnace Will Not Turn On

A furnace can use a number of different types of fueling sources such as gas, propane, or electricity. Depending on its fuel source, the start-up mechanism can vary. When a furnace fails to turn on, it is mostly like because the start mechanism has failed. In a gas fueled furnace a pilot light is used that can burn out or become dirty and require cleaning. An electrical furnace is an electrical ignition which can break down and require replacements. When the start-up mechanism fails it will either run for a short period of time and then shut off or not start up at all. When the furnace fails to start then its start mechanism needs to be checked.

Bad Furnace Blower Motor

When you notice weak or low air flow coming from your furnace, the blower needs to be checked. A blower can develop a number of problems. When it does, it can function improperly which causes weak air flow or none. A blower’s ball bearing may have failed and needs to be replaced. At times the blower may stretch out or break. When the belt begins to break down it will often develop a loud squeaking noise. If the blower fails completely, the motor may have broken down and need to be replaced. If you have weak air flow or no air flow at all, then the blower needs to be checked.

Furnace Heat Exchanger Replacement

The heat exchanger is the primary component that creates the heated air. Inside the exchanger, small combustion occurs which can cause the heat exchanger to crack unexpectedly. When a heat exchanger cracks, the home will not heat up and it will feel cold. It is important to have the heat exchanger checked as soon as possible as it can be hazardous. A cracked heat exchanger can release carbon monoxide into the air poisoning the household.

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If your furnace develops any of these common problems during this winter season, contact Steve’s Heating & Air today.

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