Air Conditioner Problems in Richton, MS; AC Refrigerant Leaks, Clogged Drain Lines & More

The air conditioner can be expected to have wear and tear, since the moving parts eventually deteriorate. You can minimize the likelihood of air conditioner failure with routinely scheduled maintenance services from a trusted professional for the air conditioners. To build a good reputation, air conditioner manufacturers want to produce high quality air conditioner products. Check the circuit breaker and fuses first when your air conditioner fails. If the circuit breaker flipped and after you have waited 5-10 minutes to cool off, push it to the off position and back on. The high pressure limit switch may have tripped. The high pressure limit switch may have tripped on a particularly hot day because the central air conditioner’s compressor may have stopped. To get the unit working again, all you need to do is reset the switch that is on the compressor’s access panel. Where there a few reasons as to why the air conditioner needs repairs, we at Steve’s Heating & Air would like to share a few of the most common reasons.

Air Conditioner Temperature Sensors

The thermostat sensor is designed to measure the temperature of air coming into the evaporative coil and they are located behind the control panel. The sensor can get knocked out of position, and when it does, the air conditioner will cycle constantly or behave erratically. The sensor should be near the coil but not touching it and can be carefully bent and the wire held in place.

Bad or Faulty Air Conditioner Electric Control Problems

The compressor and fan controls will deteriorate over time, especially so when the unit is oversized, when the air conditioner turns on and off frequently. With professional maintenance services, the electrical connections and contacts should be taken care of since the corrosion of wires and terminals is also a problem in many systems a potential issue for many units.

AC Refrigerant Leaks

An indication from a low refrigerant is likely a leak but can stem from insufficient charge at the time of installation. Continuing to recycle throughout the cooling process, the refrigerant does not deplete with use, like gas or oil. Adding more refrigerant, unfortunately, is not the solution for a leak, but it will need a licensed technician to make the repair of the leak. Only authorized handlers of refrigerant can recharge a unit, and a licensed professional will first need to repair the leak and test it to ensure it is safe. Once repaired, we will charge the unit according to manufacturing guidelines to maximize the unit’s performance and efficiency.

Inadequate Central Air Conditioning Maintenance

Causing premature failure on the compressor or fans, the filters and air conditioning coils become dirty causes the A/C unit to work insufficiently. To help reduce the risk of air conditioner breakdowns, be sure to schedule your annual maintenance. All repairs should be done by a licensed professional as well.

Clogged AC Drain Line

The condensate drain will need to be routinely inspected, particularly on humid days to check for clogs. Additionally, to drain properly the unit needs to be leveled.

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